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South Park: The Stick of Truth
Missable collectible/trophy
set-by-step guide

Be warned this guide does have spoilers in it.

If you don't want to miss anything during your play through of South Park: The Stick of Truth, I would advise you to use this guide. This guide just has missable collectibles included in it, if you need help with any others please see the main trophy guide. Also, I will be highlighting when certain trophies must be unlocked. The guide is written in chronological order, so there will be no looking around to find information.

There are some missable trophies you will need to keep an eye on yourself. Missable trophies I won't mention in this guide will be as follows:

  • Parkeologist - As long as you open Jimmy's garage, which you will be doing for a collectible. You'll be alright.

  • For the Hoarder - Don't sell anything for the whole duration of the main story.

  • No Child Left Behind - Don't finish a fight with a buddy downed.

  • Chinpokolypse - Collect all Chinpokomon.

  • More Popular Than John Lennon - Befriend everyone.

  • Clothes Whore - Collect all costume sets.

  • Full Arsenal - Collect all costume sets and weapons.


  • (CH) - Chinpokomon

  • (CL) - Clothing

  • (F) - Friend

  • (W) - Weapon

The New Kid in Town

  1. (F) - Clyde - Talk to him once you enter Kupa Keep for the first time. Be sure to accept his request by pressing select, this is to make sure it registers. He will un-friend you for good shortly afterwards.

  2. (Trophy Alert) - Be ready to unlock the trophy 'Acceptance' at this point during the quest.

Call the Banners

  • Hot Coffee

  1. (Trophy Alert) - Be ready to unlock the trophy 'Heisenberg' during this quest.

  • Gate Crasher

  1. Nothing to watch out for during this quest.

  • Detention Sentence

  1. (W) - Dodgeball - You loot this from on of the ginger kids in the school halls, he's the one that is also holding the brass key.

  2. (Trophy Alert) - Be ready to unlock the trophies 'Gingivitis' and 'Day Walker' during this quest. Also, try getting 'Irritable Bowels' out the way as well.

  3. (W) - Mace of Restoration - Once you defeated the hall monitor boss, loot his body. You'll find a locker key, the locker it unlocks is just to the left. The mace is in there.

The Bard

  1. (W) - Elvish Shortbow - Loot it from one of the three elves that is blocking your escape from Jimmy's basement.

  2. (CL) - Wood Elf Gloves - Loot it from one of the elves you fight in Jimmy's attic.

  3. (CH) - Roidrat - In Jimmy's attic. Just after you destroy the barrier, it's sat in the middle of the room. Hard to miss.

  4. (W) - Crutch of Weakness - Once you have defeated Jimmy, loot this from his body.

  5. (CL) - Wood Elf Cap - Once you have defeated Jimmy, check the chest to the right.

  6. (CL) - Jester's Cap - This item is in Jimmy's garage. The key for which, is in Jimmy's house, upstairs in the drawer in the hallway. Jimmy's house will be locked out once you finish the story.

It's Late

  1. Nothing to watch out for during this quest.

Alien Abduction

  1. (CL) - Alien Helmet - Once you escape the force-field, after the anal probing has finished. It's in the crate behind Randy.

  2. (W) - Alien Ray Gun - Loot this from one of the first three aliens you fight after leaving the probing room.

  3. (CL) - Alien Suit - Once you've used the elevator for the first time, it's just to your left.

  4. (CL) - Alien Gloves - Loot these from one of the aliens that you fight in the control room, where the chief security officer is.

  5. (W) - Alien Probe - Once you've disabled the security on the alien ship, head back to the probing room, but don't go in. The probe is in a chest to the left.

  6. (CL) - Tinfoil Hat - From the last collectible, go down the ladder that appears in front of the probing door, head right and fight the bum that appears when you hit the rubbish. Loot his body for the hat.

  7. (CH) - Beetlebot - After freeing randy, you will use the white crystal to activate the elevator left of the probing room. Once in the new area, head right, look to the monitors, you'll see it amongst them. Shoot it down.

Gain New Allies

  • Recruit the Goth Kids

  1. Nothing to watch out for during this quest.

  • Nonconformist

  1. Nothing to watch out for during this quest.

  • PTA Problems

  1. (Trophy Alert) - At this point you may be able to unlock the 'Mastery' trophy, you should have levelled up enough.

  2. (W) - Stone Hammer - Once you've got past the guards at 'Taco Bell', there will be another guard near a puddle, get rid of him. You'll see a chest on the roof of the building, use the anal probe to get up there. The hammer is in there.

  3. (CL) - SWAT Vest - When you've entered the government facility (Taco Bell), fight the Nazi zombie. Once you've done that, loot the soldier's bodies, one will be carrying this item.

  4. (CL) - SWAT Tactical Gloves - As Above. ^^^

  5. (CL) - SWAT Armoured Headgear - As above. ^^^

  6. (CH) - Gunrilla - It's in the room where the tape recorder is. There is a cabinet on the left, it's on top of that. You may need to walk up screen a bit to see it. Shoot it down.

Attack the School

  1. (W) - Basketball - Once you leave the kitchen, you'll be in the dining room, where Tweek is. Head right, it's on the downed elf in the corner.

  2. (Trophy Alert) - Be ready to unlock the trophy 'Dragon Wrath' at this point during the quest.

  3. (CL) - Necromancer Gloves - Once you've destroyed the first barrier, the one that said 'Humans Keep Out' on it, loot the elves that were on the other side.

  4. (CL) - Necromancer Robes - In the second room of the basement, loot it from the ginger Nazi zombie you must defeat.

  5. (CL) - Necromancer Hood - After defeating Stan/Butters, head upstairs and defeat the guys beating Tweek. Loot it of one of their bodies.

  6. (CH) - Pterdaken - After the last collectible, look for Token, it's in a locker on his right. Shoot it down.

  7. (F) - Bill - Carry on left from the Chinpokomon. You see him in a fight, help him out and he'll befriend you.

  8. (F) - Fosse - As above. ^^^

  9. (F) - Lemmiwinks - In the fifth grade classroom. Opposite the fourth grade classroom, where you have the boss fight. He's a rat by the way.

  10. (Trophy Alert) - Be ready to unlock the trophies 'Elven Hero' and 'KKK Hero' at this point during the quest.

Go Back Home

  1. Nothing to watch out for during this quest.

Defeat the underpants gnomes

  1. (Trophy Alert) - Be ready to unlock the trophy 'Re-Buttal' at this point during the quest.

  2. (CL) - Gnome Gloves - Loot this from one of the gnomes that you defeat in your bedroom.

  3. (CL) - Gnome Helmet - Enter the cavity wall, by going through the mouse hole in your room. Walk past the mouse trap and climb the wire, it's in a bag at the top.

  4. (W) - Super Bouncy Ball! - As above. ^^^

  5. (CL) - Gnome Clothes - Soon after the last two collectibles, you'll fight a rat and watch a cutscene. Carry on left after this, up the wire, and break the wall on the left. It's in a bag, just past the fuses.

  6. (W) - Gnome Pickaxe - A bit later on, you'll fight three rats. Carry on heading right after this and it will be in the bag you come across.

  7. (Trophy Alert) - Be ready to unlock the trophy 'Peverted' at this point during the quest.

  8. (CL) - Underpants "Helmet" - You'll fight some gnomes whilst you're on your parent's dresser. The "helmet" can be looted from one of their bodies.

Forging Alliances

  • Recruit the Girls

  1. Nothing to watch out for during this quest.

  • Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend

  1. Nothing to watch out for during this quest.

  • Unplanned Parenthood

  1. (W) - Poison Grenade - When you're in Unplanned Parenthood, you'll go through the main door into a corridor, the grenades are in the second set of drawers you come across.

  2. (W) - Master Razor - When escaping from 'Taco Bell security', you'll enter a mouse hole and be under the floor boards. Fight the rats, then the gnomes. The razor will be in a bag under where the gnomes were stood.

  3. (Trophy Alert) - Be ready to unlock the trophy 'Too Far' at this point during the quest.

  4. (CH) - Fetuswami - When you reach the turret, shoot the grenade in the soldier's hand, shrink down and enter the wall. Head all the way left, exit the wall again, you'll be just past the red target area and see it on the floor.


  • Heading North

  1. Nothing to watch out for during this quest.

  • O Canada

  1. (F) - Bishop of Banff - Once you have fought and beaten him, don't kill him, take the pig's testicles. It will make sense when you're playing, trust me.

  2. (Trophy Alert) - Be ready to fart on the Minister of Montreal BEFORE talking to him so you can unlock the 'Truth to Power' trophy. Once you talk to him, he's gone for good.

Nazi Zombie Bounty (Side Quest)

  1. (F) - Sergeant Yates - This quest is activated by talking to Sergeant Yates, he's in the police station. The reason he is missable is that you can only do this quest, during the zombie invasion. If you finish the story, the zombies will disappear, locking this quest out.

Point of no return. Once you start the quest 'Beat Up Clyde' by going to Kyle's house, you will lock out Jimmy's House (Giggling Donkey), Taco Bell (Government Base), and all the Nazi Zombies will disappear.

Also, have everything you need ready for the three trophies, 'Face Hoff', 'Two Girls, One Stick', and 'Outpatient' before starting this next quest.

Beat Up Clyde

  1. (W) - Lawn dart - Once you have dropped the drawbridge and entered Clyde's lair, you'll find it in a chest on the right as you enter.

  2. (CL) - Knight Gauntlets - In the first area of the fortress, enemies will be firing fireworks at you. Loot the gauntlets from one of these enemies, after you defeat them.

  3. (F) - Ike - Once you're on the outside of Clyde's tower, near the top. Ike's firework will miss-fire, light it with a fart for him, and he'll befriend you.

  4. (CL) - Knight Helmet - To the right of Ike, there is an enemy if front of a chest, bring the roof down on him and collect this item from the chest.

  5. (CH) - Shoe - When you are with Ike on the exterior of the tower, if you look up you'll see an anal probe point. Use it and you'll see it just sat there.

  6. (CL) - Knight Armour - After beating Clyde, look for a chest on the left of the upper area. It's in there.

  7. (Trophy Alert) - Be ready to unlock the trophy 'Inside Joke' at this point during the quest.

  8. (F) - Big Gay Al - You'll enter Mr. Slave, during the quest, and at some point you'll encounter his iPhone. It will start ringing, simply answer it.

  9. (W) - Vibroblade - Walk past the iPhone and get attacked by a Nazi bacteria. Loot this item from the bacteria after defeating it

  10. (CL) - Condom Cap - Very soon, you'll have to scare away a bat with a torch. This item is in the chest that is revealed after doing that.

Betrayal From Within

  1. (Trophy Alert) - Be ready to unlock the trophy 'Face Hoff' at this point during the quest.

  2. (Trophy Alert) - Be ready to unlock the trophy 'Two Girls, One Stick' at this point during the quest.

  3. (Trophy Alert) - Be ready to unlock the trophy 'Outpatient' at this point during the quest.

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