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An Introduction.

Hi there, I'm Ben.

Some of you reading this may already know who I am, hopefully there many of you reading this who have no idea. That means new people are here and my plan to conquer the world one blog post at a time is working.

I'm a (late) 30 something 'gamer dad' who has been running the Platinum Chasers YouTube channel for four years now. The channel at one time revolved around all things PlayStation trophies, but has been stream-lined now and I solely focus on full platinum guides for games that I love. I still love doing the guides and running the channel, but some times I feel restricted on what I can post with the channel being solely dedicated to guides. It also makes the channel feel messy if I post random videos and I don't like that.

That's the reason I have started this blog. It's going to allow me to fill in the gaps on the channel by posting here instead. I'll be able to bring back PS+ reviews, Cobbled Street to 85%, general game thoughts, recommendations and all the other ideas for videos I just don't have the time to make. There's also so much more I want to talk about. Movies, books, philosophy, general life and why pineapple on pizza will never be acceptable.

But a big one is photography. I was into photography in a big way a few years back, but for reasons I'll go into on my first proper photography post, my confidence was shaken and I put it down for a while. I'm back now and slowly falling back in love with it and that's what my photography posts are going to be about, starting from scratch. I'll be learning from the beginning again and you can follow me on the journey.

I don't have a timetable for my blog as of yet, I'm still figuring it out, but if you do want to get alerted to when I post a new one, follow me on Twitter @chasersplatinum.

I hope you stick around for more in the future.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you on the next one. (Doesn't quite work in text form)


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The Trophy Fanatic
The Trophy Fanatic
Apr 29, 2022

I'm excited to see more blog posts, I think it really will work to fill in gaps like you say and give another dimension to how the community can engage with you and the channel. Let the blog post journeys begin!


Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas
Apr 27, 2022

I‘m so with you on the pineapple on pizza thing, 🍕


John Klein III
John Klein III
Apr 26, 2022

So exciting!

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