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  • Time to 100%: 3 - 4 Hours (You need to complete main game before you can start the DLC)

  • Difficulty: 3/10

  • Trophies: 10 (3 Silver, 7 Bronze)

  • Missable Trophies: 0

  • Online Trophies: None

  • Number of Play-throughs: 1

  • Format: PS4

  • Glitches Encountered: 0

The Foundation.jpg


Trophy Guide Overview

Welcome to my trophy guide for the first DLC expansion for Control, The Foundation.

First of all, let me get this out of the way, you will need to have completed the main story of the base game before you can start this DLC's story-line. Once you've done that you'll need to go to the 'Hotline Chamber' in 'Executive' to start this DLC's story. This will take you to a brand new area of the game called... well, Foundation. The entirety of the DLC takes place here.

As with most DLC expansions, there's only a handful of trophies on offer here and luckily, none of them are missable.

Step One - Main Story

The first thing you'll want to do is just play through the story, the only trophy I would recommend you keep an eye on while doing this is the 'Rush Job' trophy for killing 100 enemies with the shield rush move. Don't worry if you don't get this done though, you can always farm kills later on. Also, if you come across any of the three side missions, get those done too.

Step Two - Side Missions

After you have finished the story, you'll want to move onto the side missions, if you didn't do them during the step one. There are only three and they are very short, so they won't take long. Finishing the side missions is going to open up the rest of the map ready for step three, collectibles.

Step Three - Collectibles

Now that the map is fully opened up, you're ready to go and clean up the collectibles. You more than likely picked up a good few of them in the previous two steps. There are two main types, collectibles (files or multimedia) and Maneki-nekos (cat statues). Also there are Hidden Areas, but you'll tick pretty much all of those off while finding the collectibles. For a full video guide of all collectibles and hidden areas, please click HERE.

Step Four - Clean Up

The only trophy you'll probably have left by this point is 'Supportive Staff', there is a perfect place to farm this, see the trophy description below for more details.

The Order Which I Unlocked the Trophies

01 - < Make/Unmake > - You gain two new powers during this DLC, Shape and Fracture. Using them a combined total 100 times will net you this trophy.

02 - Astral Plumbing - This trophy is unlocked when you walk into a specific toilet near the end of the story.

03 - Hostile Work Environment - Hiss Sharpened are a new enemy type for the DLC, this trophy will unlock when you have killed 50 of them.

04 - Star Performance - This trophy unlocks after completing the side mission, "Jesse Faden starring in 'Swift Platform".

05 - Rush Job - Unlocks once you kill 100 enemies with Shield Rush

06 - Supportive Staff - Unlocks once deployed rangers kill 5 enemies.

07 - A Strong Foundation - Unlocks once you complete all mission in 'The Foundation'.

08 - Niche Position - Unlocks once you find all of the hidden locations.

09 - One of Us - Unlocks once you find all of the Maneki-Nekos then visit their 'hideout'.

10 - Subterranean Research - Unlocks once you find all of the collectibles in 'The Foundation'.


< Make/Unmake >

Use Shape and Fracture a combined total of 100 times

SIlver Trophy.png

Shape and Fracture are two new abilities that you learn while playing through the story of 'The Foundation'. Early during the story you will have to choose which one to learn, but don't worry, you will learn the remaining later on. 


Both of these abilities are needed to navigate your way around the foundation. There weird crystal formations that appear throughout the foundation, Fracture means that you can shatter them with your weapons. While Shape will allow you to pull the crystals out of certain walls so that you can reach new areas.

Using either of, or a combination of, the two 100 times will unlock this trophy. This will happen naturally while playing, no need to farm.

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Hostile Work Environment.png

Hostile Work Environment

Kill 50 Hiss Sharpened

Bronze Trophy.png

The Hiss Sharpened are a new type of enemy that are introduced during the DLC. They are extremely annoying. They have melee based attacks, but they are able to teleport right next to you without warning. Keeping moving is essential when these guys are around. A great way to take care of them is with shield rush, which is handy because you need 100 kills with that ability for the 'Rush Job' trophy... it's like the developers knew. Anyway, kill 50 of them for this trophy. They do spawn post-story, annoyingly, so you can always farm kills later if you need to.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 17.15.23.png
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Rush Job.png

Rush Job

Kill 100 enemies with Shield Rush

SIlver Trophy.png

Shield Rush is a new ability that needs to purchased from the abilities menu at any of the fast-travel points. In the image below, I've highlighted it, plus the upgraded version of it, Shield Rush 1. I would definitely recommend getting the upgraded version as well, it increases the damage by 100%.

To perform a shield rush, hold L1 or LB and press O or B to dash forward. Kill 100 enemies while doing this to unlock this trophy. Don't worry if you don't have this by the end of the story, enemies will continue to spawn around 'The Foundation', or the main game. Getting this trophy is not limited to the DLC areas.

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Niche Position.png

Niche Position

Find all hidden locations in the Foundation

Bronze Trophy.png

The hidden locations in 'The Foundation' work the same way they do in the main game. Essentially you just need to touch the ground within the perimeter of the secret area and it will register on-screen and you'll gain ability points. Thankfully they are all very easy to reach (unlike the one in 'executive' from the main game), and there are only 10 of them.

I won't list all of their locations here, instead I'll point you the direction of my collectibles guide where I show all collectibles and hidden locations in one video, that can be found HERE.

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Subterranean Research.png

Subterranean Research

Collect all Collectibles in the Foundation

Bronze Trophy.png

The collectibles that this trophy is referring to are the files, records, logs, and pieces of multimedia that can found lying around in certain places of 'The Foundation'. Chances are you will collect the vast majority of the 43 collectibles that are needed for this trophy while playing through the story and side missions, in fact there are some that I haven't included in the 43 that are awarded for completing the missions. I haven't included those, as you'll collect them naturally.

I won't list all of their locations here, instead I'll point you the direction of my collectibles guide where I show all collectibles and hidden locations in one video, that can be found HERE.

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Supportive Staff.png

Supportive Staff

Have a Deployed Ranger kill 5 enemies

Bronze Trophy.png

To deploy a ranger you need to interact with one of the command desks (pictured below) found around 'The Foundation'. You will just get one ranger at a time and to be honest, they are pretty useless. The AI is pretty bad, they just run away most of the time, and if they're not doing that, they are just standing there getting hit.

Don't worry though, you can farm this after the story. You wouldn't think getting 5 kills is difficult, but like I said they're pretty useless. If you fast travel to 'Collapsed Department' and go through the doors one of the command desks will be ahead of you. Deploy a ranger and go into the next room with all of the offices, enemies always spawn here. Now a ranger will struggle to kill a Hiss Sharpened one-on-one, so you'll have to give him a helping hand. Damage all of the enemies so that they just have a tiny bit of health left, the service weapon's base for is probably best for this. Now just let the ranger finish them off. If you run out enemies you can fast travel away, then come back or just let the floating enemy kill you. The kills are cumulative, doesn't need to be just one ranger.

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 09.57.33.png
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One of Us.png

One of Us

Gather all the Maneki-nekos

Bronze Trophy.png

Secret Trophy

Maneki-nekos are another form of collectible in 'The Foundation', they are waving cat statues. Some of them are actually quite difficult to find, you will have to jump through few hoops to make them appear. There are only 8 of them though. Collecting these little guys is not enough to earn you the trophy, you will have to gain access to their 'hideout' once you have found all 8. To do that, fast travel to the 'Collapsed Department' point. From there turn around and through the three large automatic doors, you'll be outside on the long walkways. Look to the left, there is a broken walkway and a full one, float to the full one and go through the right-hand door. You'll know it's the right one, there will be 9 Maneki-nekos sat outside of it. Go through the 8 automatic doors and the trophy will unlock once you're inside. You'll also get some cute cat ears too.

I won't list all of their locations here, instead I'll point you the direction of my collectibles guide where I show all collectibles and hidden locations in one video, that can be found HERE.

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 09.57.47.png
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Star Performance.png

Star Performance

Complete the Side Mission: "Jesse Faden starring in 'Swift Platform'"

Bronze Trophy.png

Secret Trophy

Jesse Faden starring in 'Swift Platform' is one of the three side missions you'll need to complete for the 'A Strong Foundation' trophy. The mission takes place in the 'Transit Access' part of the 'Collapsed Department'.

For more information and a video guide for this side mission, please see the 'A Strong Foundation' trophy below.

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Astral Plumbing.png

Astral Plumbing

Discover the Astral Plane restroom

Bronze Trophy.png

Secret Trophy

This a very simple trophy and one you will inevitably get without trying, especially if you're exploring everywhere. There's a collectible and a Maneki-neko in the restroom, so you will have to go in there.

The restroom in question is in the 'Collapsed Department'. From the fast travel point, so straight ahead and into the room with many offices, float all the way to the top and leave through the door. As soon as you do there will be a pair of restrooms there. The one you want is the male one, just enter it and you'll unlock the trophy.

Astral Plumbing Screen.png
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A Strong Foundation.png

A Strong Foundation

Complete all Missions in the Foundation

SIlver Trophy.png

This trophy does not just require that you finish the missions from the main story-line of the DLC. Which you will do naturally. It also requires that you complete the 3 sides missions too. They are as follows:

1. Found Footage


This mission is found in the 'Chasm' part of the 'Cave System'. To complete this mission you'll need both Shape and Fracture. From the 'cave system' fast travel point, look up and you'll see a stone walkway above. Use Shape to pull a crystal formation out of the wall on the left, this will allow you to float up. Once inside 'Chasm' head down to the bottom where the large storage container is, grab the nearby lamp and bring it with you, it's going to get dark. Head back up the ramp and you'll see a crystal formation on the left shoot it and drop down into the darkness, slowly. You will see a glow from a TV down there. You need to grab this TV and carry it all the way through the cave system, which is linear, and put it in the aforementioned storage container. That is basically the whole mission. There are enemies throughout the cave, but you can just aim the TV towards them and they'll leave you alone. Full video walkthrough below.

2. Pope's Collection 


This side mission takes place in the 'Warehouse' area of 'The Foundation'. To start this one of you need to find one of the five ID badges that can be found in the 'Warehouse'. Once you have one, go and speak to Pope, she'll be at 'Crossroads'. She will ask you to find the other four ID badges. The Badges are:

  • From the fast travel point look to the right and you'll see a yellow cabin on its own, it's on a table in there.

  • From the fast travel point again, look left and head up the ramp to the scaffolding, from the scaffolding pull out the three crystal platforms from the wall. This will allow you to float into the window halfway up the main warehouse building, the ID will be in there.

  • From the fast travel point again, look to the left and you'll see some yellow cabins, the ID is in the last door on a bed.

  • From the fast travel point, you want to go to the opposite corner of the warehouse building. There will be a small scaffold there. The ID is on the top of it.

  • On the ground level of the warehouse building there is a door that requires a keycard, Pope gave it to you when you spoke to her, so you can now open this door. Just inside of it is the fifth ID.

Once you have picked up the fifth ID, you'll be in a room with a lift in the middle and five machines around the edges. Each machine accepts a specific ID card. There are clues on each table to which card goes where. Starting with the machine left of the entrance doors and in a clockwise pattern its:

  • Head of Research

  • Lead Physicist

  • Security Chief

  • Senior Cartographer

  • Chief Excavation Engineer

Now go down in the lift and attempt to open the doors ahead of you and get ready for a boss fight with Processes Designer Gibbs. Make sure to keep your distance from this one and throw things using telekinesis for decent damage. Once the are defeated grab the files that are on the table behind where they spawned and then head back to Pope to finish the mission. Full video walkthrough below.

3. Jesse Faden Starring in “Swift Platform”


This mission takes place in the 'Transit Access' part of 'Collapsed Department'. During the main mission in this area, you'll need to contain a movie camera before you can move on. Once you've done that, you'll float up to a window at the top of the room where the movie camera was. From there, instead of using the door to the left, use the stairs to the right. Use the lift at the end of the corridor, this will take you down to the movie camera. Interact with it to start the mission.

The mission itself is very straightforward, literally, you are just travelling straight forward on a track. You will have to jump to another car that will be running by the side of the one you're on and then back again at certain points to avoid obstacles. Enemies will appear eventually as well, but they're easily taken care of by throwing things at them when they're in range. After a while you'll catch up to the movie camera, stun it by throwing things at it and you'll try and capture it. It will get away and then you'll have to do some more back and forth between the cars while killing a few enemies. When you catch up to, and stun, the movie camera again. You'll successfully capture it and the mission will end. If at any point you die, you'll have to start the whole mission over. Full video walkthrough below.

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